McGill 1999

Quantitative Investigations of the Innotech Embrace Insert:  Changes in spine curvature during various types of sitting
Stuart M. McGill, Ph.D.
August, 1999


Mr. Johnson contacted Dr. Stuart McGill requesting an investigation of the EmbraceAIRPlus insert to generate quantitative data documenting its effects on the spine and low back.

McGill LumbAIRPLus

May 2007
Investigation of Airplane Seat Comfort (pilot test)


Five healthy participants (3 male, 2 female) aged 25.6 years (s.d. 3.78), were 1.78 m tall (s.d. 0.06) and had a mass of 78.7 kg (s.d. 15.4) participated in this study.

Pressure Maps Behind back and Under Buttocks and Thighs

One pressure mat was attached to the seat pan, and another attached to the seat back. Pressure was collected throughout the entire half hour collection time

Spine Curvature

Changes in Head and Neck Posture Using an Office Chair With and Without Lumbar Roll Support

Horton, Stuart J. MPhty, DipMDT; Johnson, Gillian M. PhD; Skinner, Margot A. PhD


Study Design. A repeated measures observational study.

Objective. To investigate change in sagittal alignment of head and neck posture in response to adjustments of an office chair with and without a lumbar roll in situ.

PropAir Sleeper

Reducing lumbar spine stress during lying postures

J Cannon and S. M. McGill

Submitted to J. Musculoskeletal Disorders
November, 2015

Faculty of applied Health Sciences, Department of Kinesiology,
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3G1